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Marking equipment, devices, and supplies for stamp producing.

   Products include laser rubber, inks and self-inking stamps

GRM i50 Liquid Polymer

  • Easy Wash-Out
  • Virtually Tack Free

Liquid PolymerThis polymer is recommended for stamp applications with very small, fine detail such as small type fonts. Excellent resilience and tensile strength make it one of the strongest 50A durometer photopolymers available.

Suggested uses for GRM i50: stamps, labels, tags, preprint liners, multi-wall bags, envelopes, paperboard, film as well as a variety of flexible packaging applications. The tack free surface and high resilience allow flexographic printers to perform longer and faster press runs without stopping for plate clean up.

Polymer stamps are a fast and economical way to create one of a kind stamps.

A polymer stamp is created using a film negative and a liquid polymer which is then developed in a special machine through a process using light. The excess polymer is washed away leaving the exposed polymer which is the stamp. The stamp then goes through a special wash out process and is cured to harden the stamp.

These stamps can be produced in a fairly short amount of time and without a costly investment.

GRM Stamp Pack: New technology in stamp making!

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