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Marking equipment, devices, and supplies for stamp producing.

   Products include laser rubber, inks and self-inking stamps

"2 PADS" self-inking technology

Unique "reversible pad" feature that doubles the number of impressions. Once the impression starts to fade, pull the pad out, turn it over and re-insert. This unique patented concept is sure to please your customers and they will be willing to pay for the convenience. This adds up to additional profit for you.

stamp with reversible pad


Self-inking stamp is a small machine that houses its own replaceable or re-inkable stamp pad. A mechanism applies fresh ink to the stamp for every impression. These are ideal for rapid repeat stamping. Up to 5,000 impressions in each pad.

Self-inking hand stamps have an exchangeable ink pad which has to be refilled or renewed from time to time, as soon as its inking capasity has abated.

In case of such a renewal, each time a new ink pad must be inserted the shape and dimensions of which must be appropriate for the respective stamp present.

However, since different models and sizes of such stamps are on the market so that sometimes it may be difficult to rapidly obtain an ink pad which fits a certain stamp, the operational readness of such stamps often may be negatively affected.

Thus, when such a stamp is used only very rarely, an abating of the inking capacity often is not noticed, and then it may happen that the stamp, once it is needed, cannot provide acceptable imprints and replacement pad cannot be sufficiently rapidly furnished.

"2 PADS" self-inking technology provides the possibility of rapid and easy insertion of a new ink pad when the inking capacity of its ink pad abates by reversing of double sided pad block.

The new GRM stamp series has unique feature - the pad is reversible and allows you to double the life of the self-inker!

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