GRM - Global Rubber Marking Company

Marking equipment, devices, and supplies for stamp producing.

   Products include laser rubber, inks and self-inking stamps

About us

Global Rubber Marking Co. was founded in 2005. GRM the global market leader for self-inking stamps, marking products and laser rubber. GRM is the leader in modern stamp-making processes.

GRM self-inking stamps are produced according to ISO 9001:2008 from ABS plastics of high quality produced by Chi Mei Corporation.

We use Noris ink for GRM stamp pads which contents area according to the European law and correspond to EU Directive #91/155/EWG.

All material used for stamps production are checked by our laboratory and only released for sale after quality approvement.

We have installed the latest in technological equipment to take us into the 21st century. Our goal is to provide the newest products available. We also have the product knowledge necessary to provide you with marking products for just about any situation.

Global Rubber Marking

You may place an order for one hundred or thousands. We give the same care to each & every order that we receive, size of an order does not matter.

We ship worldwide. Our goal is to offer quality and service with each and every order.

We are offer one year guarantee for custom stamps and replacement for defective items.

Please trust us to help you with your marking device needs.

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